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Feature Film

Producer and Writer - “Buckle Up, Buttercup”  (Script)

Producer - "Forever Hold Your Peace" (Treatment)

Co-Producer – “Sparks” (Treatment)

Assistant to Producer - “Kitty Kat”  (Script)

TV Series

Producer  - “Marked” (Treatment)

Producer - "Blind Eye" (Treatment)

Producer - "Untitled Documentary Mini-Series" (Treatment)

Creator - "Doggie Style" (Treatment)
Co-Producer - “The Wick”  (In Development)
Co-Producer - “Abbee”  (In Development)

Short Film

Producer - "Ms. Jones" - Director: Ana Gallego

Writer and Director - “Donner Drive” (Script)

Producer - "Duffel" - Director: Becky Downes

Producer - "The Feeling" - Director: Rhiann Jones

Producer and Writer - “The Fight for Hope” (Script)
Co-Producer – “Transference”– Director: Aletha Shepherd

                       Official Selection for Pan African Film And Arts Festival

                       Official Selection for Carmarthen Film Festival 

                       Cannes 2020 - Short Film Corner

Producer and Writer - “The Flatmate”– Director: Lydia Leigh

Associate Producer – “What You Will”– Director: Aletha Shepherd

                       Official Selection for London International Short Film Festival

Producer – “Virbus in Pace” – Director: Robert and Christopher Dukes
Producer – “Big Fish Little Fish” – Director: Lucile Auclair
Production Manager – “Thawed” – Director: Jon Drever

                      Official Selection for Raindance, Encounters, and Aesthetica

Producer and Director – “Rising from the Ashes: The Tale of a Stuntman”

Producer and Director – “The Bystander Next Door”

Producer and Director – “Sleep”
Producer and Writer – “Compass Crossed Lovers”
Producer – “Oh Father”
Producer – “Compost”

                      Official Selection for Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival

Web Series

Producer and Writer - “A Very British Affair” (Script)

Producer and Writer - “Bollocks” – Director: Alejandra Martin
Associate Producer and Post Production Supervisor – “Bugger Off”– Director: Angel Shepherd 

                      Official Selection for Harrogate Film Festival

Film Festival

Co-Founder and Curator - SIP Film Festival, London, UK: September 2020

Corporate Advancement Associate - Sundance Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: January-February 2020

Panel Guest - “Narrative Fiction Panel” – Beyond the Wall Fest, Manchester, UK: September 2019

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